Lightning Strikes More Than Just Trees!

Posted by Ryan @ESCS on 7/10/2012

            It may come as a shock to learn that lightning strikes cause between $4-5 billion dollars in damages every year [1]. Researchers estimate that 22 million lightning flashes strike ground in the US each year, any of which could cost you hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in damages [2]! As we become more dependent on IT networks for communications and sharing of information, protection for these systems become priority. Due to the increased risk of lighting damage to crucial IT systems in recent years, the growth of lighting protection technologies (LPT) has become a topic of global significance.

               Industries including utilities, nuclear power and water treatment plants, seaports, warehouses, military, airports, residential and public construction, broadcast, and healthcare are now under pressure to install advanced lightning protection systems in all new and existing structures to prevent costly damages caused by lightning strikes. Various state legislatures are also lobbying for installation of lightning protection systems in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings [3]. Wireless and telecommunication sectors that utilize base stations and control towers are especially exposed to risks of lightning damage. Damage within these industries includes communication failure, data loss, failure of servers and server protections, and physical damages to appliances and structures [4].

               Answering the international call for lightning protection technology is NexTek Inc., who provides excellence in quality and performance to wireless communications, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, aviation, military and homeland security applications. Their cost-effective and high performance-oriented products protect your capital equipment investments, reduce maintenance costs, and are backed by a 10-year warranty! Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is proud to be chosen as the sole distributor of NexTek lightning protection products in the state of Florida, the lightning capitol of the world. ESCS is a stocking distributor of
NexTek SurgeGuard™ coaxial RF protector designs, including gas discharge, quarter-wave, and filter technologies. We can work with you to arrange custom parts to meet your exact specifications. Visit to view our online product catalog or call us at (727)-723-8255 for more information, samples, or requirements.

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