Why does Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Provide Factory
 Direct Components from IR with Factory Certs Included?
Maybe you don't know everything about International Rectifier's line of Semiconductors, FETs, IGBTs,  FETs Arrays, Transistors, Logic Level Gate, 
 N and P Channel, Insulated Gate Bipolar (IGBT) and Logic Level Gate products  just to name a few. We may not eighter but we will find out!
FEATURE : As a supplier for over a decade we have formed relationships with many factories direct including Intenational Rectifier. 
 Most military prime contractors purchase drawings not part numbers which requires the knowledge of blueprint reading and discussions with factory staff as to whether their off the shelf product meets these requirements. These staff members often have their finger on the pulse of their capabilities and inventories.
ADVANTAGE : ESCS has a history of buying direct with International Rectifier which may benefit you when a distributor gives you some standard reply of too many weeks delivery.
 Product knowledge and a live body at the plant can often produce the required results. The ESCS staff knows who to ask and will stop at nothing to achieve your demanded objectives.
BENEFIT : If you are looking to save time, save money by not buying distributor minimums, or require special purchase order conditions, ESCS should be your first call to get factory direct components.
Sometimes it is not what you ask, rather how you ask a question that gets you the results you need!
THAT'S WHY buyers depend on ESCS to diliver factory direct components with the required factory certs.
Who you going to call?   Call 727-723-8255 The staff at ESCS will provide a timely responce to your request and safely deliver the product you need from IR.
INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER- manufacturers the following : HEXFET Power MOSFETs, IGBT, Intelligent Power Switches, Relays, Integrated Circuits, Digital Audio Driver, DC-DC Multi-Phase ICs,
 Lighting Motion Control,  HiRel Power MOSFETs, HiRel DC-DC Converters, HiRel EMI Filters, HiRel Voltage Regulators, HiRel Rad Hard Solid State Relays, HiRel High Voltage Gate Drivers and Rad Hard Drivers.
Many of these products are used for Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Military, and of course Commercial market applications.
ESCS provides the exact factory direct components that meets your needs with FACTORY CERTS INCLUDED from International Rectifier.
All Factory Direct Components from ESCS come with a Safe Source Seal Aerospace Sourcing Assurance rating of SSS #1    
                                    Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is an AS9120 certified franchised distributor.