ULTRA Franchises

"A commitment to pay it forward"

What is ESCS ULTRA Satisfaction Guaranteed?
ESCS is a franchised distributor for select manufacturers who have committed to partner with us to provide the most relevant information on their products from the communities you trust, empowering you make informed buying decisions.


ESCS ULTRA may include pictures, descriptions, data sheets, & content that discusses applications by market sector or to a mil-spec.


Stories discussing processes, press releases, or testimonials may be hyper linked.
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 If other OEM manufacturers offered this, how would that benefit you?
Manufacturers wishing to provide this type of value added service contact - ESCS marketing.
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 It's a class of service we call "ESCS ULTRA Satisfaction Guaranteed".  

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If your looking for future energy savings that offers virtually zero maintenance

 with absolute savings you can justify ESCS offers smart LED technology info

from Luxul and products to support NexTek lightning protection, ProTek Devices

circuit protection, & 10,000 3M electrical products to meet your electronic supply chain solutions,