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 Electronic Supply Chain Solutions distributes Wilbrecht LEDCO which extended Its Foil Resistor Range with Surface Mount Resistors Wilbrecht LEDCO signed a new agreement with Vishay Precision Group (VPG) to extend its Precision Center relationship and to expand its product offering.

WLI has been a manufacturer of precision metal foil resistors based on VPG's Bulk Metal® Foil technology for over 15 years. Up to now, WLI concentrated on through-hole products with its own stress-resistant bonding technology. These RNC90 compliant products are widely used in military and aerospace applications. In response to the growing demand for surface mount products, WLI is now extending the range of foil resistors with SMD (surface mount device) products. The surface mount model resistors come in five different sizes, depending on their power ratings. The chips are based on VPG's Bulk Metal® Foil technology, with trimming and testing done in Wilbrecht LEDCO's facility in Huron, SD. A detailed spec sheet is available Please contact ESCS at [email protected]or call ESCS 727-723-8255 today.
Wilbrecht LEDCO announces 240 VAC Panel Mount LEDs for Varied, Custom Applications In response to international demand for AC voltage panel mount LEDs,

Wilbrecht LEDCO is introducing 240 VAC panel mount LEDs in varied housing styles for front or rear panel mounting. Available in red, green and yellow, the indicators utilize a bipolar LED and resistor for AC operation. Front mount housing options include the 100/600 series domed, cylindrical and flush plastic lenses, or the rugged CR/BR/CC series screw on metal housings for .312" (7.92 mm) holes. Rear mount housings include the press fit L61 series for .250" (6.35 mm) holes or the rugged screw on CRM/BRM metal housing for .315" (8.00 mm) holes. Most are available with IP66 sealing and can be supplied with wire leads or LED pin terminations. All the indicators can be customized with a variety of resistors to meet specific AC voltage requirements, including 110 VAC. Popular custom options include custom lead lengths, part marking on the 100/600 series and connector options. Please contact ESCS at [email protected]or call ESCS 727-723-8255 today,
Wilbrecht LEDCO's Precision Snap Action Switch Receives ATEX Certification
Wilbrecht LEDCO announces an important new certification for its V3 line of switches. The successful snap-action MP300 series switches are now in compliance with ATEX and are newly approved for zone 22 in potentially explosive dust atmospheres. The codification is EX II 3D ex t IIIB T84° C Dc, protection IP5X, ambient temperature -15°C to 80° C. The certification covers a wide range of actuators. The MP300 series switches are high precision, sealed snap-action switches for industrial applications. The switches are CSA, ENEC and UL approved and may be used up to temperatures of 170° C, depending on the wire or cable configuration. Please contact ESCS at [email protected] or call  ESCS 727-723-8255 today,
ESCS has Microprecision Selection Guides which Features Comprehensive Position and Limit Switch Specifications


The switch selection guide from Microprecision gives an overview of its switch range and helps to select the right product for your application. The most important technical specifications of the switches are listed together with a picture of the product. Additionally, you will find important information on the latest certifications for each switch. All the information is structured in an overview format on two pages for easy reading. Please contact ESCS at [email protected] or call  ESCS 727-723-8255 today,

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